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Note: Children entering the program must be at least 3 months old and not yet Kindergarten
eligible in mid-August of the year of enrollment.
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Note: The school year begins in August, though spaces may become available throughout
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* Your online confirmation of your application payment is your receipt. Please retain for your records.
* You are responsible for notifying us of any updates to your contact information. (
* Applications remain active until:
  • The child is enrolled in the program (If you choose to leave the program and wish to re-enroll,
    you will need to reapply to be added back to the waiting list.),
  • You ask to be removed from the waiting list,
  • You do not respond to 2 email contact attempts,
  • You decline 3 enrollment offers.
* An application does not ensure that we will be able to provide services to you.

All information will be kept strictly confidential by the UCB Early Childhood Education Program.

For further information and fees please see our website:, or update your information contact ECEP at 510-642-1827, or e-mail